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    Hi Support:

    Please help me fix my broken site. I updated the (free) Blackbird theme to the latest Version 1.2.1 a few days ago; and the homepage including the big image slider as well as all the circles and information has disappeared. Instead, the blog posts appear on the homepage.

    The website is

    Really looking forward to some help.

    PW Dorji

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  • I have the same problem Ravenbutsu. Definitely update connected.


    Hello InkThemes

    I know of four other people, in addition to Ravenbutsu and I, who have the same problem since updating to V1.2.1. I’ve tried emailing you from your site, and have had one reply that unfortunately didn’t help.

    I know we’re Lite version users, and you have limited resources to deal with non-paying users’ issues – but as this is update related, it’s likely going to affect many people, maybe including your Pro customers?

    Hope you can respond soon.


    OMG This is a $%^&*&* serious problem .. I did the very same thing and MY homepage is GONE. PLEASE some one help us ..

    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic. The more you post here, the less chance you have of this topic ever being resolved.

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    This is temporary solution for some:

    1. Create a child theme.
    2. Create front-page.php file and use this code.
    3. Read a little more about child themes.
    4. smile. 🙂

    Part of the reason your “front page” went missing is because they actually removed it from the theme files.

    This is what I got from inkthemes:


    It seems that you have changed reading settings. That is why you are getting problem.

    So please go to “Settings -> Reading -> Front page display”

    And select “Your Latest Post”

    It will solve your problem.

    Have a nice day.

    Thanks & Warm Regards

    HI, the same problem here. And definitely “Settings -> Reading -> Front page display” doesn’t solve the problem as I have selected “Your Latest Post”.
    And for esmi: it’s natural, when you have the same issue carry on with the same thread. But I listen to your advice and going to post my own new topic about the same issue. And it looks that a lot of people will post their own topic about it ;).


    I am so frustrated about this as of now, my home page is still not running. For all of members whom are having the same issues and if any of you can find a solution, please advise.

    BTW, I’ve just wondered if we all can go back to re-install the old version of BlackBird theme and I am not sure how to install the old theme back. Please help if any of you whom are expert about website, will be very appreciative of all helps that I can receive.

    Apart from posting on WordPress’s support forum here, I have e-mailed (the developer of Blackbird theme) as well as Tyler Moore at who’s videos helped me develope my website. Both inkthemes and a support developer from Tyler Moore e-mailed me. Their recommendation is to change the static front page settings as highlighted by @monika133. For someone else who may want to recommend this again, IT DOES NOT WORK! Even if we are mostly using the free theme, I think WordPress needs to take it up with the Blackbird developers since they are promoting this free theme on their Dashboard. It doesn’t help that non-techy subscribers and SBE’s like ourselves are unduly and stressfully affected when the website gets broken. Another plea goes out to the WordPress support to help us here. WBR

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    @ Jose Castaneda: how did you install your WordPress? Are you using HostGator as a host and quick installed it? Where is the themes directory in the Dashboard? I will love to either do what you suggested or even go back and work on the website from scratch. But, what’s the guarantee that Blackbird theme will not do something like this again? Thanks again.

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    I am not using Hostgator. If you know your FTP credentials then you can use a program to help you out with that. If you’re not entirely comfortable with that then you can of course look to hire somebody to help you over on

    There are also some plugins that may/may not be able to help you create a child theme but not entirely sure on that.

    Unfortunately there is no guarantee that I can provide you other than if you make a backup then you can make reverting a little easier. 🙂

    @ castaneda thanks again. i don’t know if you’re speaking for WordPress, but if you are, we would be grateful if you could take this up with my own initial attraction to hostgator and wordpress was its ease of use, especially that everything in the background was taken care of, and we could focus on content. control over aesthetics, content and overall website-management was also important. however, if themes keep breaking down and our SBE websites are unreliable, i am sure you’d understand how that makes the business look. it was such a source of pride that i learned how to develope (partly) and publish a website for my SBE; that was short-lived. have a good one.

    @ castaneda also, please forgive my suspicion when you recommend to hire someone from WordPress to fix a problem with my website, which was fine till a few days ago. it seems like a little business 101 foot in the door to me.

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Totally understandable. 🙂 and no. It’s policy that I’m following. While I would love to be able to help you out more there is only so much me, others, can do as volunteers. 🙂

    As for speaking you can always send them feedback. I’m sure inkthemes would be happy to hear about your experience. Good or bad. They can’t change if they don’t hear anything.

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