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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Looks like Cloudflare is doing something with the javascript that causes lyte-min.js not to load. Anything in Cloudflare config to exclude it from acting on lyte-min.js?

    i will deactivate cloudflare and then we will see 😉

    problem solved: amazon cloudfront was the problem, the lyte-min.js was hosted with cloudfront and can’t works on that way with your plugin

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    based on the error-message I saw;

    TypeError:…) is null

    you were still getting the 1.1.9-version lyte-min.js instead of the 1.2.0 one. if your CDN ignores querystring-parameters, that might indeed be the case. either flushing your cache or telling cloudfront it should not consider a request with a different querystring as a different request (i.e. not serving from cache), it should work from a CDN (I’m on MaxCDN and indeed changed an option).

    hope this helps,

    Hi, i have this same problem, it means that i have to deactivate cloudflare?

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    hmmm, probably not, if i understand correctly snakeman’s problem was related to a caching issue on his CDN. excluding lyte-min.js from cdn or flushing the cache should do the trick.

    Ok, flushing the cache didn’t do anything, so i will try to exclude lyte-min.js, so i have to exclude this url—> ??

    futta was right, cloudflare was not the problem!

    the amazon cdn cloudfront was the problem i exclude the lyte-min.js with w3tc from cloudfront and the problem was solved

    🙁 i tried flushing the cache from wordpress and nothing happens, i’ve excluded lyte-min.js and nothing happens 🙁 help me please.

    example link

    on your example link i see that lyte is working!

    probably you must clear your system cache =)

    So you can play the video?

    Edit: Now i see is Google Chrome, because i tried with Firefox and it works

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Morning Camafive;
    I’m afraid you have a problem with one of your ad partners; with adblock enabled in Chrome, the LYTE video is present, without adblock it does not work. Lots of errors in the console as well, in that case.

    Hope this helps,

    Hi, now i see, thanks, but is there a div id? or a class for the player to place with my ad partner to exclude the player? the problem is that my ad partner is showing ads in the title of the video player

    Thanks for your help man, i excluded this Id “lyte-wrapper” from my text ads partner and it works like a charm


    I got the same problem, only a dark grey screen shows up. De-activating my adblocker and / or cleaning the cache didn’t solve the problem.

    I’m searching for a YT-plugin for about 5 hours, now I’m tired.

    WP-Version is 3.6 and I’m using FF 23.0.1 (as you can see, browser, wordpress and plugin are the latest versions)

    Medical Detectives – Geheimnisse der Gerichtsmedizin

    Hope you can help.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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