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  • NICE!!!

    WOW!!, Great looking site and very well done with an awful lot of great info Joe. I have bookmarked it for further viewing pleasure and from just a quick look at it, I don’t think I have ever seen as much info on any other fan sites for any band. I hope that Tony gets better and we get to see the original line-up on tour sometime this year in Canada.

    I love the blog format where people are able to respond to any of the posts. Did you design your own template? and what else is involved in the making of your site as far as plugins etc and anything else required?


    No, it’s a paid template. If you read the relatively new story called “Welcome to the Site”, I talk a bit about that. It’s called “Amped” from studiopress – although somewhat customized. Not so much in fuction, but DEFINITELY in graphics.

    One of the reasons I wanted to go WordPress with it IS those comments. Again, there’s more detail in that story, but it came from Movable Type, which was an epic resource hog when spam attacked. Had to get rid of that, but before I did, comments were off, so I was eager for some sort of interactivity.

    Yup I really like and need the availability for that interaction with comments etc…I recently was hacked on a WordPress site and am currently looking around, and from your site I found the StudioPress page and their Genesis framework is looking pretty good to me, so I will be doing a little more research into it. Is it something you would recommend? I would guess yes since you do have a very large site, do you get weekly backups for your site??

    Thanks Again!

    Site is backed up nightly.

    And yeah, I’ve been enjoying the Genesis framework. Has some great utilities. They have some free plugins that go with Geneis that let you hook into places in the code where you’d normally have to hack the php, but you can just enter text in a window in the control panel. Very easy to modify.

    If you want to go private, contact me through the “contact me” email link on the Sabbath site. Or not – just a suggestion.

    The two plugins I’m talking about are these two::

    1) Genesis Simple Hooks:

    2) Get Custom Field Values:

    The first one requires you be using Genesis, so you can’t use it without it. The second one does not, anyone can use that. But I found if you use them TOGETHER, the ability to do custom things with the data is quite powerful.

    If you go with the Genesis background, I’d STRONGLY look into these two. Addtionally, another one from Studiopress, called “Genesis Simple Hooks”:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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