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  • Dion Hulse


    Meta Developer

    Hi @aimeecerka,

    It looks like your Theme is incompatible with WordPress 5.6, it’s using a version of Swipebox that’s incompatible with the new version of jQuery in WordPress.

    It looks like the theme you’re using Smart Theme is a premium theme by optimizepress, so you’ll need to contact their support team, although you might not be able to get an update without having an active membership.

    You can try to install the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin which may help, as it adds some compatibility for jQuery that was removed in WordPress 5.5 & 5.6, but it’s not guaranteed to definitely fix it, or that your theme will work correctly with future versions of WordPress without an update.

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    @dd32 I have that plugin installed and the issue is still there.

    How is the theme the problem since the issue is NOT occurring on any page that is on OptimizePress? It only occurs on my WordPress built blog

    Dion Hulse


    Meta Developer

    @aimeecerka Unfortunately as OptimizePress is a paid product, I can’t test it myself, I can only let you know what I can see as broken – The theme uses swipebox, and is loading a version that’s incompatible with the version of jQuery it’s loading. WordPress 5.5 & 5.6 did upgrade the version of jQuery included, so that could be part of why it’s only now just showing up as a problem.

    You’ll need to contact OptimizePress to get specific support, I also can’t tell if the version you’re running is the latest or not (You’re running v1, I think v3 might be the latest?)

    The theme is outputting this warning, which I suspect is worded wrongly, I think it’s complaining that version 3.5.1 is too high, and it wants version 1.7 or lower.

    Currently is loaded jQuery version 3.5.1 which is too low for OptimizePress. Please check if you’re using WordPress version 3.5 or higher or contact customer support.

    You could try using a plugin such as to force the site to use a lower jQuery version, but realise that in doing so, you’ll probably break other WordPress features or plugins that need a more modern jQuery version.

    Hi @aimeecerka @dd32 the issue is not only with the OptimizePress we are facing the same issues with Genesis and Universal themes. I don’t know who can help me with this i tried using all possible ways in the forum

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    @govardhan112 I did get it fixed from OptimizePress finally. I had to upgrade and get better updates. Have you asked Genesis and Universal to see what they say?

    OptimizePress fixed this on December 10th with update to Smart Theme version 1.0.13. Just make sure you use that version and all should be fine.




    I’m a non-developer that’s managing a website:
    I finally hit “update” on the theme and now all I see is the menu screen and then a black box when I click the menus. It looks like other people had this issue as well, but I’m REALLY inexperienced! I’m not sure what “php” even means! HELP!


    Install this plugin:
    under jQuery Settings set jQuery version to 1.12.4.min.js
    this should fix it for you if your theme developer has not provided a fix

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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