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  • Plugin Author Nico


    I have no Iphone to test by I saw the “borders” flickering on shortly while resizing on pc.

    Also the text on the side of the vid is overlapping and doing some weird stuff on smaller sizes. From this observation this has to do with theme and it’s possibly crappy way the vid is floating. It should collapse on smaller screens and make the vid display below the text.

    Is this happening on you include the Vimeo vids normally into posts?

    You’re right, I did a test page on another site (running Thesis theme) and the same video clip displays perfectly on the iphone.

    I’m trying to figure out WHICH code in the Mindful theme is causing the video to float wrong. SInce I”m just using your plugin for video I feel I could delete those lines from the theme so that they didn’t interfere. Comparing the two pages I can’t identify the CSS that differs…sInce you’re familiar with the CSS providing by vimeo and by your theme, can you tell at a glance which code is interfering on this page?

    The one line I could find in the Mindful: Stylesheet (style.css) was ‘videoContainer {margin-top: -20px;}’

    but deleting this line didn’t help….


    Plugin Author Nico


    sInce you’re familiar with the CSS providing by vimeo and by your theme

    There is not really any CSS by Vimeo involved here and its not my theme. Please ask the theme author.

    Or you could get familiar with Firebug or devtools. It’s easy to find out what code is responsible.

    <ul class="sequence-canvas"><li class="slide slide-1 animate-in" style="display: list-item; opacity: 1; z-index: 1;"><div class="image right fade " style=""></div><div class="text left fade" style=""></div></li></ul>

    its this elements and the attached classes. It’s probably the ‘right’ and ‘left’ classes …

    I personally would use a propper grid system for this, or just make the text element disappear on mobiles and remove the float from ‘image right fade’ with media queries.

    Sorry, what I meant to say is

    the CSS providing by vimeo and by your PLUGIN

    I’ve emailed the theme developers repeatedly but discovered only after purchasing and implementing their theme that their support is sporadic.

    Thanks for the insight into those UL LI and DIV classes. I’ll focus on those. I’m familiar with firebug but I was looking for something video specific.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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