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  • hello,

    in the installed plugin list of an italian localized version of wordpress, “Cool Timeline” is rendered as “raffreddare Timeline”.

    “raffreddare” is a literal translation for [to] cool [down], where cool is intended as the equivalent of the german kalt or french froide.

    I’ve tried to solve this in the translation area of the plugin but didn’t find the relevant term.

    I don’t think there are suitable italian translations for cool as in elegant, smart etc.. One may try “fico” or “figo” (actually “timeline fica” or “figa” being timeline translate as a feminine noun in italian), but they are really too gergal/dialectal.

    Could be funny though to a young audience.

    I think “Cool Timeline” stand better untranslate: almost any italian with a slight knowledge of english knows what cool means.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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