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  1. apetrosky
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Recently I was trying out two plugins from Vas Pro which add facebook, twitter, and google plus icon functionality. The plugins were named "Facebook , Twitter , Google buttons" and "Facebook Like and Share,Twitter,Google +1,Google buzz buttons".

    Since adding these, I have been seeing the following "tags" appended to all of my posts.

    "Share Tweet news and informations automotive,business,crime,heal​th,life,politics,science,techn​ology,travelautomotive,busines​s,crime,health,life,politics,s​cience,technology,travel"

    I first noticed this when posting an update to Facebook. When I entered my blog URL: http://blog.tech2nite.com/2011/dont-like-facebooks-new-chat-feature-try-pidgin-im/, the text appeared in the preview window before my post's description.

    Doing a Google search on "Share Tweet news and" brought up several other blogs that appear to be using one of these plugins as well and who all had similar "tags" in the descriptions given by google.

    My questions are: Does anyone have experience with this or anything similar happening, and how do I remedy it. I already tried deactivating and uninstalling (including folder deletion via ftp) with no luck.

    I have since added the "Facebook , Twitter , Google buttons" plugin back in order to reproduce what I have experienced and hopefully find a solution.

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

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