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  • pauljlange


    I’ve used so many different form plugins over the years. All of the majors and a few experimental ones. When I saw Bitform from it was a total gamble and one that paid off!

    Although Bitform is still developing some of the more advanced functionality that the majors have the point is that the are developing it… rapidly … very rapidly!

    The dev/support team are super responsive to client feedback and actively out front helping people with questions and queries and importantly solving problems people have. Mind you almost all of the problems I have seen have been user error and when it wasn’t they were quick to address it and bring out an update.

    It has a bunch of conditional logic built in already and integration does not simply rely on middleware like Zapier et al. The middleware option is there as well (four of them from what I recall) but it integrates natively with a whole bunch of stuff straight out of the box.

    This plugin is going places and you will want to get it before the pricing goes to the same stratosphere as the more established players. Because it will. Because it deserves it and the team deserves the reward.

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