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    I set up new copy of WordPress with WooCommerce and installed Nomiddleman Bitcoin and Crypto Payments for WooCommerce.
    There are no other plugins installed. None.
    In Nomiddleman Bitcoin and Crypto Payments for WooCommerce setup I choose BTC with Classic mode first. Entered one BTC address anx tried to make a purchase. I’ve got “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” after hit Place Order button on checkout page.
    Then I tried to add my Master Private Key to Privacy Mode settings in BTC and getting “Bitcoin has an invalid HD MPK. Disabling Bitcoin.”

    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you

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    There is a check to see if you have the hd_mode field otherwise we add it. Not sure how you got to the state you are in. Run this
    update_option('nmm_hd_table_version', '1.0'); and it should add it for you. Make sure to remove it after.

    We have fallback APIs a few cryptos. Otherwise sooner or later it will let you through. It is possible for an API to completely shut down and then a new one is required. We want to set up Nomiddleman endpoints but do not have the resources at this point in time.


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    Aha. I see.

    I just checked – the value of nmm_hd_table_version in my database is 1.1.
    So either it was 1.1 from the start and your code which alters the table never had a chance to execute, or, alternatively, that code somehow failed but nmm_hd_table_version was updated to 1.1 regardless.

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    I checked the table on a different installation. This time hd_mode is in place. Interesting.

    BTW, there is another bug. Qrcodes seems to be broken. It uses the same img_qrcode.png file for a various checkout pages. It seems to me that the plugin regenerates qr code each time the page is displayed. But what will happen if two users will request it simultaneously?

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    I mean, isn’t it would be better to show qr code as inline base64-encoded png image instead of rewriting png file on the storage device every time?

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