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  • Hi everyone.

    Currently experiencing massive problems with a particular aspect of Biographical Info.

    For my site i need users to be able to update their bio info from their front end profiles so they can then auto submit it whilst front end to various job applications. The bio needs to remain html formatted with ‘<p>’ ..etc Using a combination of TinyMCE advanced, WP Biographia and some custom coding I’ve pretty much succeeded.

    The problem is this. Once the bio is submitted by user, their bio shows up front end as plain text with ‘<b>’ being coded normally. Back end all the formatting is correct and once I have viewed their bio back end and approved it the full html format is updated front end. Great the user is happy and all is well. If however the user makes an update, all the formatting is lost both front and back end and I end up having to replace all the missing format back end to get it back to normal. Is there anything im missing?

    Process broken down is like this:

    user bio submitted to backend using WP Biographia update. Back end data is stored and modified in the Biographical Info box using TinyMCE. Data is echoed front end on different page with php echo ( $current_user->description ). Filters have been removed and extra settings on TinyMCE are on so I’m a bit stumped.

    Very grateful for any suggestions.

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