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  1. Blue Collar Todd
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Trying to have Bing crawl my blog. I posted the recommended code on my homepage but it is not reading. Should I put the code in a post as well?

    <meta> tag containing the authentication code to the <head> section of your default webpage.
    <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="A1B16F0DC19B4A635535C849984A1037" />

  2. You need to put this code not on the homepage, but in the <head> section of your website so it appears on every page. The <head> section is normally pulled from the theme file header.php. Be sure to put the line somewhere before the closing </head> tag.

  3. You can also put it in a textfile on your server, IIRC, or if you want to use something like WordPress SEO (by Yoast) it has a section where yuo can just past in that code string.

  4. Yup. If you go the file upload route instead, just make sure you log into your Bing account to download the correct XML authentication file.

  5. Blue Collar Todd
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks. Looks like I got. Now do I do anything to optimize Bing's search of my website? Any other search engines this would be good to on besides google. Seems like some plugins do this for you as well.

  6. Glad you got the verification issue solved.

    Two good SEO plug-ins are Yoast's and All in One SEO. If you have further questions, please start a new thread. Thanks!

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