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  • How do I bind an existing MySQL database to a reinstallation of WordPress? I was forced to have my webhost reinstall my WordPress, because the original installation was too badly corrupted due to a corrupted Fantastico installation. The new WP installation is working fine, except I cannot figure out to bind my database to it. There is no option I could find in the Admin > Options page to choose a database.

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  • You mean the new install is in a new database or in the same databse but has different tables?
    All you have to change the 4 pieces of info in the wp-config.php file:
    DB name
    DB user
    DB pw
    DB host
    change them to point to the old databse and you should be OK.

    I downloaded a copy of my wp-config.php via FTP, but there’s a new problem, I think only my webhost can help me with. I don’t know what my database DB user or password are, since Fantastico never emailed me this information when it installed WordPress. I asked my webhost ( about this and I’m awaiting their answer. They earlier told me the problem was I had a corrupted Fantastico installation.

    Can you get a dump (backup) of the old database? If so, you can always import the info from the old one into the new one….

    I checked in cpanel > databases, a .bk copy of my database. How do I import the info from the old database to a new one? I don’t know much about Mysql. I could create a new database, but I don’t know how to transfer the contents from the old one. Also how do I download a backup copy?

    Well, using cPanel’s backup stuff is fair useless. Before you do anything else though, check with your host to make sure they don’t think the old database is corrupted. If it is the phpMyAdmin process is useless as well.

    I did download a backup copy of my database there.

    At this point I am now totally lost. I still don’t even know my DB_NAME, DB_USER or DB_PASSWORD are. I have been pressing my webhost for this information for the past 6 hours. My webhost tells me they reset the password to something that’s very insecure but they haven’t told me how I can retrieve or reset my own database password. I am having no luck attempting to reconnect to my database from my new WP installation.

    I know almost nothing about MySql, so this is all new to me. Here’s the last reply from my webhost support:

    NW – Support has responded to your help desk request.

    We have reset the password of the database user cleancr_wrdp1 to “********” and have tried the same by changing the database parameters in the file wp-config.php to load the blog using the old dataabase but could not make it. The blog software with the old database settings was loading a blank page at our end which seems to have compactibility issues of old database with current installation.So we think it will be more easy to start blogging from scratch from the new installation since it could solve all the issues that you had experience with the previous installation from fantastico.We hope this issue will be addressed and fixed in the next release of control panel.Kindly bear with us.

    Eww. Boy, THAT’S a professional reply…. If you aren’t in love with this host, get them to cancel your account and refund your money, then move to a reputable one. BTW, I have probably done 35 – 40 Fantastico installs since February, and have YET to experience a “corrupted” one….

    Is your db backup something like “mydatabasename.sql”? If it’s not, then you might rather email me at vkaryl*at*bytehaven*dot*com, and I’ll walk you through getting a “real” dump to use.

    My webhost successfully got my database working with a new installation of WP. All I need to do now is uninstall the bad one and rename the new WP directory to what the old one was named.

    I’ve been happy with this webhost. I think they are ok.

    Well, as long as it’s working and you’re happy – that’s the important stuff!

    I think I spoke too soon. It’s now totally screwed up. Nothing works. They were in the process of uninstalling the other installations of wordpress. They earlier did 2 different installations in different locations. I suggested they completely install all copies of WP, then do a virgin installation after that. I think maybe it’s time to throw in the towel on this clean-credit domain for a while and concentrate my time and effort on building content on my other domain where WordPress works.

    I think the whole problem is Fantastico. In the future, I don’t think I will ever use it again, and do a manual install.

    Well, I can certainly understand your irritation, but I can’t agree about Fantastico at all. I quote myself above: “BTW, I have probably done 35 – 40 Fantastico installs since February, and have YET to experience a “corrupted” one….”

    I’m sorry, but it sounds like an inept host/support staff to me. I have YEARS of webhosting experience, and the sort of thing you’re posting is NOT how things are normally handled.

    However, concentrating on your other blogs and their content is a viable option. Still, you shouldn’t allow a probable host problem to short-circuit your site-in-process.

    I would think you should find a new host just for the one site your current host seems to be having such an inordinate amount of trouble with, and start clean. There are hosts around (like one of my current ones) who charge $5.99 a month billed monthly through cc or paypal subscription, with no setup fee, 200meg, 5 dbs, etc. If it’s NOT to your liking or if they have the same problems as your current host, you can cancel before the second month. $6 isn’t much to find out where the problem may actually lie.

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