• I wish to bind a jqGrid to the data in wp_db7_forms(table) and I am not sure how to break down the “form_value” field. I believe I am correct in saying your add-on inserts an array into the field value.
    I know how to pull the data(records I want), however I am not sure how to move it into my grid’s binding array. Below is an example of code I use currently to bind another grid.

    $query = "SELECT beverages.ID, beverages.name, beverages.desc, beverages.price, beverages_catagory.catagory AS cat ";
    $query .= "FROM beverages ";
    $query .= "JOIN beverages_catagory ";
    $query .= "ON beverages_catagory.ID=beverages.catagory ";
    $query .= "WHERE beverages.active=0  ";
    $query .= "order by beverages.name";
    $result = $mysqli->prepare($query);
    //$result->bind_param('ii', $from, $to);
    /* bind result variables */
    $result->bind_result($ID, $name, $desc, $price, $cat);
    /* fetch values */ 
    while ($result->fetch())
    	$customers[] = array(
    		'ID' => $ID,
    		'name' => $name,
    		'desc' => $desc,
    		'price' => $price,
    		'cat' => $cat
    echo json_encode($customers);

    This will probably demonstrate my lack of coding abilities, but if I am correct that the field value is already an array how do I use it to populate another array (the array that binds to the grid)?
    Am I totally off base and there is a smarter way to achieve the grid binding?


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