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  • Hello, I need help finding what’s going on here. There should be a drop down field for Billing Address “Country”, but it’s being overrided by something. But what? You’ll see the problem here link It’s obviously not making a drop down, instead a text field.

    BTW You have to add something to the shopping cart first, then continue on to the Billing & Shipping Address page. link

    This is a big problem because the transaction cannot be completed without the drop down! It will not recognize the text field.

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  • You have <select name=”billing_country” id=”billing_country” class=”country_to_state form-row-first update_totals_on_change country_select” style=”display: none; “> (my emphasis) for that field. I just removed ‘display:none; and the country field appeared

    Hi travellers,

    Where do I edit this file? Can you provide the path to the file?

    Thank you very much.

    Does anyone know? Urgent please!

    Thank you!

    @mdspharm @travellers

    Where do I edit this file? Can you provide the path to the file?

    I would like to know as well!

    I’m not at my main computer today so I can’t identify the individual file that calls this field, but you should be able to find it using Windows Grep, and search for “country_to_state form-row-first update_totals_on_change country_select” . Chesney hasn’t given a URL but looking quickly at mdspharm’s link from further up the page…

    Unfortunately he has other issues too, in that having added a product to the cart there is no ‘go to cart’ displayed, so I manually changed the url from …/shop/ to …/cart/ and got to the cart page where the problem displays. There is a piece of text, ‘select an option’, shown by the country field (or where the country field SHOULD be, if it was visible!) and I don’t have that shown on my own checkout page – makes me think he has another script or addon running there, and its this additional script which is introducing the ‘display: none;’ element thats causing the problem. But maybe I’m wrong and this is just a ‘standard’ installation.

    Anyway, if you look at the source around that field, you’ll see <select name="billing_country" id="billing_country" class="country_to_state form-row-first update_totals_on_change country_select" style="display: none;">
    It’s the display:none; that you need to track down and eliminate. If you Grep your complete installation you’ll find which php file contains the hook, and if there IS a plugin involved here then Grep that too for the same line and you should be able to track it down.
    Hope that helps!

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