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  • On my new store I only charge sales tax for in-state transactions.

    I have made 3 out-of-state sales so far, and in all three cases the Shipping Address has shown the correct state, but the Billing Address shows my state instead, triggering the tax and adding it to the transaction.

    I have tried re-creating this error but haven’t been able to. So I don’t know how to fix it, nor can I determine why it has happened to all 3 out of state customers.

    Has anyone experienced this in their store, and how did you fix it?

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  • Yes. It’s happening in my store right now.
    I’ve upgraded.
    I’m also having issues where my CSV file is completely wrong. Shipping address is fine and that’s about it. The amount spent and the things purchased are all incorrect.

    Which is REALLY Frustrating… I think this one might be the final straw…

    Thanks for the reply, Heather. Are you saying you’re experiencing this problem AFTER upgrading, or that you upgraded in order to fix the problem?

    What is making this difficult for me is when I go through the whole buying process (as a customer would) and put in an out-of-state address, everything looks right when it gets to my Paypal screen. No tax added.

    Every actual out of state customer has encountered this. Hoping there might be some first-hand experience out there on a suggestion for a fix since I can’t seem to recreate the issue in order to troubleshoot it on my own.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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