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    In my pdf invoice in the billing address header, said “Dirección de Envío” and is wrong because the right way is “Dirección de Facturación”.

    I checked the translations file and I’ve seen is correctly translated. But I don’t know why is printing wrong.

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  • Hi @mariodev66,

    I apologize for the delay in response.

    I have replicated the mentioned issue on our staging site where when Spanish is selected as base language then ‘Billing Address’ is coming as ‘Dirección de Envío’ which is same as ‘Shipping Address’.

    Because we had got translated our lite plugins to few languages, and upon checking the translated string in our GlotPress it was ‘Dirección de Envío’ due to which it is coming that at all places.

    I have suggested the change which you have mentioned, hopefully GTE, PTE’s should check and approve them then the correct string translation will be displayed on your site as well.

    Komal Maru

    Hi @mariodev66,

    The suggested translation for ‘Billing Address’ has been approved. So, now the correct translation has been coming on your site.

    Can you please check and let me know the result.

    Komal Maru

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