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  • I want to allow users to put up a simple classified listing, it does not need to support more advanced features like a marketplace, more like a classifieds listing like with Craigslist.

    Specifically, if a user chooses to list their item, and have it accessible by all users (theirs and outside their region) they would have to pay a flat rate. But if they only want their classified listing to show within their region, the listing would be free.

    I’d imagine the only determinant for whether it’s free or not, is a “region” drop down on the post create form, for “local (free)” and “everywhere (fee).” So a post facet, not a post type.

    Example: User posts to only users in their city – FREE, user posts to users outside and including their city – FEE.

    Is there a way I can achieve this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Is it possible? Yes, dependent upon how much you know about coding. There are quite a few different classifieds plugins available to use, though I’m not sure if any of them would support this specific setup.

    If the plugin allowed for custom fields, you could then have a ‘region’ and ‘paid’ field set. On region specific search results, you’d just match up the region custom field to that region.

    On the global search results, you’d just check to see if the listing was paid or not and if so, then show the listing.

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