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  • Hi there,

    I’ve looked at the various solutions for bilingual blogging and some come close but I haven’t seen quite what I’m looking for:

    I’d like to have two versions of a site running, one in English and one in Spanish. But here’s the thingâ€?there need to be two different fields to fill in on the posting page, for the following reasons:

    1. Someone doesn’t have to mess w/ doing DIV tags to create different sections in different languages;
    2. the page can display ONLY the appropriate language; and
    3. the person updating the site is visually aware that the translation needs to be filled in.

    I want, as much as possible, for the content on the Spanish side to mirror the content on the English side, rather than having the first post in English, the next in Spanish, etc.

    Stephanie Booth’s work comes the closest to what I’m thinking of, because she’s adding new fields to the backend, but it looks like she was modifying WP 1.2 and I definitely need the extended theme functionality in WP 1.5. I’m imagining I would build twin pages within a theme for the different languages.

    Has anyone worked with modifying WP 1.5 to tackle something like this?


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  • bump for this.
    i’m also interested in having something similar to this.
    essentially, a toggle for turning on/off the translation (in my case english/french).
    with french on, all the post would become french as well as the sidebar items, etc.

    is there anything out there that would allow, in essence, duplicate values (1 english, 1 french) for items (such as a post that has a default english entry, and another field where the translation is).


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