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  • For a bilingual website (all text is already translated by native speakers)
    with both versions being identical i.e. easy to create one from the other
    and a very small amount of publishing activity e.g. “new activities, 6 times a year”
    and SEO is NOT relevant for this project
    Would it be wise to develop 2 separate installations and developed WITHOUT a multilingual plugin?

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  • Vlad T


    Hi, @escocia1

    bilingual plugin or not

    It’s up to you, but most probably it would be much easier and less resources with a plugin.

    Having 2 separate installations would also require having 2 subdomains or 2 separate addresses like: or or etc. Those need to be easily accessible for your users, so you have to think of a way to link those.

    It takes a lot more time to manage 2 separate installations (updates, backups etc.) than a single one. Also, uses less space. Even if the content is little, I would still advice using the same installation with a language switcher plugin, but that’s just my personal opinion, after trying several options.

    You can go many ways: 2 different installations, 1 multi-site installation or 1 installation with a language switcher plugin – IMHO, for your scenario and for better management in the future, I would choose the plugin.

    Kind regards!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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