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  • Hello,

    I’m thinking of creating a bilingual blog, both in French and in English. There would be the same posts and pages and sidebar information, either written in French, or in English.

    However, I have a hard time finding a satisfying way to achieve this result… please, would you have an opinion about it ?

    What I’d have really loved would have been to greet the visitors with a javascript prompting them to chose a language (working a bit like content warning, but hard coded since it would load before wordpress), and then, the same blog would load for everyone, except that it would show in French or in English depending on the visitors’ choice.
    It raises serious issues already, like the comments of a post showing in both languages, this would be the best way to start comments war.

    At the moment, I’m torn.
    I see two options :
    1 – create a single blog, and use a plugin like Polylang to handle the bilingual situation
    2 – or else create two blogs, one in French, one in English (for instance and, relying on wordpress’ Multisite feature, and perhaps using the Multilingual Press plugin to make things easier.

    But maybe I’m missing simpler, better or more efficient solutions…

    Please, would you have an idea, an experience report, about it, maybe ? 🙂

    Thanks a lot if you can help 🙂

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