If I could give them a zero, I would.

    I purchased the Pro plugin after seeing their basic plugin here on WordPress, thinking it would suit our website. Right from the get go, I had issues getting it to work. I specifically asked them if it would work with Woocommerce Subscriptions and they said it would. Naturally, Subscriptions take time to process/renew. To my shock horror, I discovered that it DOES NOT work with Woo Subscriptions like they falsely claimed.

    After I lodged a support ticket with them in January (naturally after waiting for a Subscription renewal to occur), I waited WEEKS for a reply. Then they claimed they had tested it at their end and that it was working. If it was working, why take WEEKS to reply (smelling something)? When asked if they had FULLY tested it with a basic payment gateway like Stripe, they said no – only with the default gateway. Then, said they had done a test with Stripe and it worked. Well no, it does not!!! This started all the way back in January and it’s now April, still without a resolution and them claiming they have “patched” it – nope, they have not.

    When I asked for a refund, their exact words were “Oh, I see that you have purchased our plugin on 28th November 2022. I understand we are talking on the support ticket for a long time now but I see that you raised a support ticket on 19th January 2023 means one and a half months after purchasing the plugin. We do have a money-back guarantee policy for our plugin but that is available up to 30 days from the plugin purchase date. And now it is almost 4 months since you purchased the plugin.”

    I am writing this review after giving them AMPLE opportunity and time to resolve the issue and provide a refund for their false claims. Avoid this SCAM plugin and rubbish support by Tyche Software like the plague.

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