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  • In my opinion, the biggest problem with WordPress is the fact that WordPress CONVERTS all my articles when I change the encoding. This is extreeeemly annoying, since I got a lot of articles.
    There should be a checkbox where the user can deciede whether or not he or she wants to convert all of his/her articles to the new encoding.
    Thank you for your time.

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  • Perhaps you should keep the same encoding as you had when originally posting the articles to avoid any incompatibility? I don’t understand how you intend to have two different charsets on the same blog!

    I come from Norway, and here we use iso-8859-1 by standard. I just copied and pasted all my articles in WordPress from my previous blog. WordPress’ standard charset is UTF-8.
    This resulted in WordPress converting my iso-8859-1 to UTF-8. I didnt notice that. The problem came when I was to include the blog in to my webpage. The webpage characters as Æ, Ø and Ã… was “destroyed”. I figured I must use iso-8859-1 to get it right.
    So I did. I changed WordPress’ standard charset to iso-8859-1, and wordpress *CONVERTED* all my articles (saved in UTF-8) into iso-8859-1. This cause my webpage’s characters to look fine again, but my blogs characters were screwed.
    If only WordPress could have let them be.

    If you knew from the beginning that you were going to “copy” text encoded in iso-8859-1 into your blog, you could have changed to encoding during the initial setup, before copying…

    It’s a bit late to say that now! But yes, it should maybe be made a bit clearer to non-Americans that utf-8 will likely break their previous posts. Some people don’t know enough about encoding to work that out for themselves.

    I would very like an opinoion to whether to convert my current posts or leave them as they are when I change the charset.

    Anon, nobody can make a decision for you:)
    What do you mean by “converting current posts”? The posts that you’ve made in WP (originally saved in utf-8 and now looking screwed in iso)? Well, if there are not TOO many – meaning less than the copied articles – then you might try edit them after switching to iso-8859-1. One more thing, though it’s obvious I think, in the blog you can have only one encoding for all the articles — since everything is displayed on the same index.php page.

    @kf – yes, I guess you are right: it should be somewhere in the importing instructions the warning for possible problems due to the different encoding. But it creates problems only when copying text saved with different encoding than utf-8.; otherwise for internatinalozation/localization utf-8 is a much better choice than anything else!

    Hehehe. Converting everything back to UTF-8? I’d have to rewrite every Æ Ø Ã… on my site 😀

    Hei / Hi.
    You don’t have to convert all articles. You could use AddDefaultCharset in your .htaccess file and set it to whatever charset you want.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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