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Big white space, removed after refresh

  • Hi,

    I use your plugin for my website http://www.westfrieslandinbedrijf.nl for showing the sponsor of the week.

    But the problem I have with Foobar Lite is that the first time someone visits the site they see a big white space and only part of the banner (because of the white space).

    After refreshing the site the white space is gone and all is perfect.

    I looked at both the html output:
    first visit
    <div id=”foobar-message-1″ class=”foobar-message-wrapper” style=”margin-top: 60.5px;”>
    after refresh
    <div id=”foobar-message-1″ class=”foobar-message-wrapper” style=”margin-top: 0px;”>

    Can you (or any one else) find the solution?
    This is also holding me back to upgrade.


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