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    There is a huge white space between the top couple widgets on my sidebar and the bottom couple? My blog is: At first, I thought it was just a problem with my YouTube Sidebar Widget – it would say the title (“Videos”) and then put a TON of white space between the title and the videos. So i got rid of that widget. And now it’s just divided me widgets in half and put the first couple at the top of page and the last ones at the bottom. It’s as if something is telling it to evenly space out the widgets to take up the whole length of the page (although instead of putting even spacing between each widget, it just fills up the whole middle of the page with white). Any suggestions? (Thanks in advance!)

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  • UPDATE: I’ve realized that the Image Jetpack widget has something to do with it. I can fit as many normally spaced widgets as I want ABOVE the jetpack image, but once I insert the image the next widget under it gets sent to the bottom of the sidebar and there’s just a huge white space that runs between them.

    Yes, and that widget is inserting CSS code display: table which is causing the space. I’ve never heard of that code or seen it used, so no idea what it is supposed to do — or whether removing it will mess anything else up, but you could try it and see.

    Thank you for replying! Where should I go to look into that? (I’m not tech-savy at all! Setting up this blog has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done!) I tried to look through style.css to see if I could find the words “display:table” but I didn’t see them?

    It’s in widgets.css line 9. But like I said, changing it may affect other things.

    Ok, thank you… I think I’ll leave it alone – I’m too afraid to mess anything up!

    Hi – it’s been a couple months and, while I thought I’d be ok to just leave the big white space on my sidebar alone, it’s really interfering with my ability to put badges and other things my blog needs in the sidebar. I was wondering if anyone else knew anything more about this display: table code and what I need to do/if there will be any complications if I change it? Thanks in advance!

    ..ok I found that I can use “Image Widget” instead of “Jetpack Image” and the white space goes away, so I guess it’s just a Jetpack thing.

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