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Big trouble with Coraline theme: sidebar problem

  • My theme option is set to “Content/Sidebar.” Suddenly the sidebar fell to the bottom of the page, rather than appearing to the immediate right. Troubleshooting I’ve done:
    1) removed all plug ins (oddly, a “meta” widget appeared in the sidebar (at the bottom) which wasn’t even enabled)
    2) tried adding widgets back in, one at a time. That didn’t work.
    3) switched to TwentyEleven theme. Everything worked fine, all plugins/widgets were ok.
    4) switched back to Coraline. All the plugins I had enabled from TwentyEleven appeared in the primary widget sidebar on my dashboard, but on the site they were all down at the bottom of the screen again.
    5) then I removed all the widgets but they are still appearing on the site. I refreshed numerous times.

    I don’t have any inactive plugins sitting in the dashboard. I upgraded to the new WP version in hopes this would fix it, but it has not.

    I really like the Coraline theme and would love to continue using it. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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  • Sounds like your sidebar and content area are too wide to fit next to each other and your sidebar is getting shoved below the content area. It’s a CSS issue. A link to your site would be helpful.

    Woops! It is awmsocal.org.

    Interesting how the sidebar and content sizes could have gotten resized, but it makes sense.

    Thanks for your help and willingness to look at the site.

    In your style.css file you currently have this block:

    .content-sidebar #content {
        margin: 0 35.1% 0 0;

    if you change it to:

    .content-sidebar #content {
        float: left;

    it’ll fix the sidebar problem. I don’t know anything about the theme though, so I can’t promise this won’t cause any other problems.

    Ok, I’m a CSS idiot but I’ll try to find and replace the code (it still bothers me that this even happened out of the blue). Will make a copy of the file before changing anything in case it ends up worse, so I can revert it.


    It should be in the “Structure” section near the top.

    /* =Structure
    ----------------------------------------------- */

    If you don’t want to mess with it you could also just put:

    .content-sidebar #content {
        margin: 0;
        float: left;

    at the very bottom of the file.

    Using a child theme when you need to edit your theme is always recommended:


    Adding this to the end of the style.css worked! Thanks so much.

    .content-sidebar #content {
    margin: 0;
    float: left;

    Since we have so much content, we’re thinking about switching to the 3rd layout theme in the list, which is content-sidebar-sidebar. It didn’t work with the above code — would you happen to know what I would need to change it to?

    Thank you, Big Bagel! I’m so grateful for your help!

    The first thing to try is taking out the extra stuff we added to see if it works with the original CSS. This theme is made by automattic so it seems odd that it’s having style issues. It might be a plugin doing something weird that’s messing up the layout. If you want to, after restoring the original CSS, you could try disabling all your plugins to see if one of those is causing it.

    I’d be happy to troubleshoot the CSS again if you want to switch it to the three column setting. Just post here when you change it and I’ll take a look.

    I’m having a similar problem on a client site. I’m running it locally, with no plugins and a few test posts (just text). The theme option is left content column, with two right sidebars, and the sidebars are not aligned next to one another. The secondary sidebar is underneath the primary, just shifted to the right about 20px.

    I’ve been waiting for some free time to try switching to the 3 column layout, but it looks like that’s what you have and it’s still having the same issue. srslylisa — you might want to post your website URL (that’s what they asked me to do) so they can look at it.

    @srslylisa It’s generally a better idea to start a new thread, even if your problem is similar. It can cause confusion in regards to the original post. Also, some people only look for topics that have no replies and it can take longer to get answers. When there’s a genuine problem, it’s easier to get the attention of the author with multiple topics; 40 topics about the same problem is harder to miss than one topic with 40 people.

    Since your site is locally installed, I really can’t do any troubleshooting myself to see exactly what the problem is. I would guess that there’s an issue in the CSS with the margins, width, or float settings for the content and sidebars. If you use something like Firebug or the developer tools in Chrome you can quickly play with the CSS to see if something fixes it. I’ll install Coraline and poke around with it to see if there’s a general problem in the CSS.

    @awmsocal I monitor for replies to all the topics I’ve posted on, so whenever you want to try switching, I’ll still be around to check it out.

    I’m using the Sidebar-Content-Sidebar layout option of the Coraline Theme for a site I’m building and have been trying for weeks to increase the width of the right sidebar.

    I read that I’d need to adjust the columns, margins and padding to make it work and have found a lot of confusing and conflicting percentages and measurements which never seem to add up to 100% or to a maximum width of 990px.

    This is extremely confusing especially as I don’t do CSS. I would be most thankful if you would explain in simple terms which numbers and which bit of code I need to change.

    Thanks in advance.

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