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    I have to say a big thank you to the creators of this gallery.

    Without this new disaster and ongoing bugs, I would never have looked for another gallery that I found now with the Foo Gallery.

    Import of Nextgen in just a few minutes and the entire site with almost 100 galleries converted in about an hour. Well worth the effort: nicer templates, works smoothly, modern operation.

    Then Nextgen Galeriy was deleted in a few seconds (exceptionally problem-free)!

    Many Thanks!

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  • Considering FG’s legendary and legacy problems with it, particularly with everything now cluttering up your media library, good luck with Foo Gallery.

    Enjoy the Foo nag banners too. Clicking them away never really works…they always come back.

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    Depends on what you prefer, a nag banner in the backend or a non working gallery for your visitors.

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