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    I see the following notification in my dashboard this morning:

    WARNING: There is a big Responsive Theme update available. Please read the update page before updating.

    The update page link, however, is broken.

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  • I’m seeing the same thing. Makes me nervous to update when it says it’s a big update, changelog only shows admin improvements. Big update as in size, or major design change?
    Have you had any issues with the update?

    I’ve not applied the update because the link references a migration to Responsive II. That sounds major to me and I’m reluctant to upgrade without detailed instructions. I’ve made too many tweaks to my design to risk major issues.

    I use the Responsive theme a lot, so I too was not keen to do a “big update” on a production site.

    However, I also have an almost “out of the box” demo site, and have updated that to Responsive v2 and on the surface of it at least, can’t see any difference. I haven’t poked around under the covers yet.

    So not sure what the reference is to Responsive 2 Migration (as seen in the link in v1.9.9.0) but might just be because the theme is now v2 (as opposed to Responsive II – or Responsive Mobile as they now call it).

    Their demo page looks the same.

    I can’t see any chatter about it on their support forum either, so I’ll ask the question and report back here as to what the big changes are.

    I haven’t compared anything between the two versions yet, though if I get no response from their forum support, I’ll do some comparisons and see what might be changed.

    That would be awesome. Thank you for the willingness to assist.

    Took a while for me to get a response, but this is it:


    Apologies for the delay in reply.
    I checked the issue, the link is redirected to “expired account” page. We will sort out this issue
    The latest update of Resposive free theme 2.0 has the look and feel changes in the admin dashboard.
    Only the display part of the “theme option” setting is changed in the admin dashboard. You can update the theme.

    For reference regarding the look of admin dashboard, please visit below link and check the screen shot attached there.

    Let me know if you are facing any issue.

    Someone else pointed out on their forum site that it mentioned “a BIG update” so am still waiting on a response to that.


    I don’t really understand what they’re stating. What do you make of that reply?

    To me that says “there’s hardly anything that’s changed in the theme, merely the Theme Options area has changed slightly”. It is a bit confusing, I agree.

    I may test this using InstantWP.

    I just tested this on my site, it seems to be working okay. I’m not seeing any immediate issues.

    For what it’s worth, I used InstantWP and WinDiff and found that only the following files are changed in this update:


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    Sorry for delay in reply and the inconvenience caused. It says -big update available as we have completely changed admin dashborard look. You can check that here –
    It is a design change and will not affect website functionality. And we have tested it throughly but with update it is always prudent to take backup.

    Regarding broken link for migration – we will correct it. But you can follow the general upgrade instructions.

    The link still isn’t fixed. It’s disturbing to be told that there’s a big update, only to find that the link that should explain that doesn’t work.

    Please fix the link, or remove the warning, or change the wording of the warning so it makes SOME sense.

    While you’re at it, you might want to consider changing the name of Responsive II to distinguish it from Responsive 2.0. It’s currently very confusing.

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    Yes – I understand that it is confusing. We have fixed that link issue. You can download the latest version 2.1.1 & it will solve the problem.

    I installed 2.1.1 but I guess there’s no way to know whether the broken link and the confusing message are fixed until the next update becomes available.

    I updated the Responsive theme and it broke my child theme, thankfully i had a backup and reloaded it.

    Unless there is a security reason to update it, I’m staying put with what i’ve got since I’ve put so much work into it to make it SEO and load silly-fast.

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