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  • Hi all,

    I’m having a big problem with the url’s of all my images (that images in my post preview on my blogs home page etc).
    Basically all the images have now added the following the front of the images true url and this on the end &h=90&w=90&zc=1 when it should be this

    I dont have a clue how or when this happened (I know it was before I updated my WP to the latest one out tho). Can anyone please help me with this as I’m at a true loss on whats happened and how I go about fixing it (removing the extra code) so my images will show again.

    Thanks in advance for any help guys 🙂

    P.S. I could do with a fix asap please as without the images my blog looks some what poor 🙁

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  • Looks like something your theme is doing. Is this a new or updated theme? Someone has apparently tried to add the timthumb script to the theme and either they did a bad job of it or you didn’t follow the instructions/made a mistake.

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