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  • hi,

    i sort of have a big problem now and i cant access my blog anymore. I was playing with the settings in the dashboard/panel and i accidentally changed t he setting that points wordpress to actual files as to display the blog.

    To further clarify, theres a place in the dashboard that has two URL’s that point wordpress to the actual files like your suppose to put the address of your site and i changed one of them unwittingly now i can’t access the blog therefore i cant access the dashboard to change it back.

    I need help finding out how to manually edit the files. Seeing as i can still access the server. Which file is it that has the the two URLs that point wordpress to the blog.

    any help would much appreciated

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  • I take it you’ve tried to get to your admin via

    and the page you’re looking for, I believe, is http://yoursiteaddress/wp-admin/options-general.php

    Does that help?

    thanks for the swift response but i still can’t access.
    the first link does not work. and i tried manually editing the files and nothing works

    its weird because i can see the content but not theme
    check it out

    i need major help

    and when i try to login it refers me back to my host

    What’s the directory structure of your site?

    Can’t you use your host’s domain tools, or ftp, to see what files are there?

    Have you accidentally deleted or moved some wordpress folders?

    That’s what I’m doing I’m currently, as we speak, on FTP editing the files you told me to. And they seem to be the right files its just not taking the proper effect.

    The structure of the site is inside the root folder is a blog folder into which i put the wordpress files.

    Also it might help to know that yesterday i started to notice problems with the site. I could not add pages. Every time i would add a page then put some content into the page it would stop working and refer me back to my host.

    I was thinking that maybe this could be a problem with the host but seeing as the blog displays some content i don’t know.


    The referral to the host might just be because the php files are include-ing files such as header.php and footer.php that do not exist, but I’m not 100% bout that.

    You may need to access your db, backup your data and reinstall wordpress but I have no experience with this and this may not be the answer, so if your posts are precious to you, maybe wait for more assistance


    if I think of anything I’ll let you know.

    – John

    thanks for all the help i was thinking about just reinstalling everything.

    haha ok good luck, fiddling is fun and a good learning experience… lol


    booyah……… worked I went the site and followed the instructions and now i don’t have to reinstall…i’m so happy….thanks to everyone for helping out.

    ***now i have to figure out how fix this problem with adding pages

    again thanks


    horray as well

    horray does not count as a post 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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