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    Working hard to get this as we want it to be. Unfortunately I’m running into some problems/ English is not my native language so I hope it’s understandable 😉

    1 All words in listingpage customfields are starting with capitals.Like this: The Restaurant Is CLose To The Waterside And Very Peaceful

    2 If you add checkboxes the same problem happens. And it would be better if the items where ordered instead of all behind each other

    3 Is there a possibility to change button colours? And text and other colours used on the directorist pages? (would be best if this was colourable from the Directorist-directory settings screen or from the Cutomizer)

    4 Can I change the order of the formfields?

    5 Even with all rights selected, its not possible to change listings in front-end that are made by someone else. This should be an option in rights

    6 When adding a review, after send the page becomes a mess. F5 fix it or re-entering the page bit it doesn’t look pretty at first

    7 I have a big issue translating it. I use Locotranslate but some words or sentences are not in the file (like the button Add A Review and the field names in dashboard–>my profile

    8 Is the badge system not working? I don’t see “new” on my new listings and I can’t give a listing the “Featured” badge

    9 Even when a userrole has all the rights coming with the directorist plugin, when he adds a listing the location isn’t saved. What other rights do directorist use? Because when a administrator with all rights adds one, this isn’t a problem.

    10 When adding a new listing on mobile, the social media part isn’t working. Can’t choose a platform and can’t type a url

    11 on pc I can change that, would be better to pre define which platforms are available in settings. No you have to go threw a list of option we never gonna use.

    12 on that same matter: now you have to fill in the ful url like Would be better if you, after selecting facebook, only have to add trackfoodns

    That’s all for now. If there are stupid mentions that I should already know, I apologize. I hope you can clear most of the things out to me!

    With regards, Jeroen

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  • Hi there again,

    Maybe this list was a bit to long at once. Maybe my post looks to demanding, specially for a cool and free plugin like this one. If that’s the case, I’m sorry!

    So maybe the authors can have a look at the problems that have the most impact for me right now:
    #1 & #2, This looks really awkward

    I also find out some things myself: #4: the answer to my own question is yes! And #9, it was a rights-thing.

    Less urgent but still something i wonder: #7 & #8

    Hope you can help me!
    Regards, Jeroen

    Plugin Author aazztech


    Thanks for your posting and sorry for the late reply. We wanted to reply you after releasing the update that we have released today as it has some fixes of the issues that you posted.

    1. Fixed.
    2. Fixed.
    3. Its not possible now, but we are going to release an extension soon using which users will be able to easily change colors of different elements.
    4. Yes.
    5. Sorry, we don’t understand it. Please elaborate.
    6. Fixed.
    7. Yes, agree with you. We found some and fixed, but guessing there could be more untranslatable words/sentences. You may send us all of them and then we can release an update fixing. You can contact us at
    8. In our testing, we didn’t find any issue with the badges. Please go to Directory Settings >> General Settings >> Badge Settings and configure according to your need.
    9. Fixed.
    10. Will be fixed in future update.
    11. Added it to future development consideration list.
    12. Added it to future development consideration list.



    Wow… So happy to read this!

    1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12: Thank you!

    5 After submitting a listing, you can change it if you want, it’s your own listing. But you can’t change listings that someone else submitted. Because we work with a small moderation team who do all the submitting and changing, I would like to give them rights so they can change every listing on front end. Because I don’t want to give them backend authorisation to do so.

    6: Still having this. I’ll email a screenshot to you.

    7: I’m going to ‘collect’ al the untranslatables and mail them to you.

    8: Still having this, all 3 types of badges are set to yes on the Badge Settings.I don’t see any option to set a listing to “featured” and no listings have a badge “new” or “popular”

    Again, thanks for all the work so far!




    Some additional info: #2 is still happening on the add-listing page: text behind checkboxes and with custom fields have still the capitals.

    And some new ones:
    13. After the last update, the field “price” is shown on the add-listing page. Even when display price button is off in the General Listings settings and the Disable Listing Price button on the Single Listing page is on.

    14. What is the widget “map” doing? It’s empty with me

    Plugin Author aazztech


    Hi Jeroen,
    5. We have started working on user role. In the next update, you will find more improved user roles system. For the time being, you can give them the role of Editor, then they would be able to edit any listings from backend.
    6. Please remove browser caches, we have fixed it.
    7. Thanks.
    8. Feature badge: Please watch the first video of the following page
    New badge: The New badge is only displayed after adding a new listing. You can control the duration of the New badge going Badge Settings.
    Popular badge: It has some limitations which we will improve soon. Popular badge is displayed based on view, at least 5 views makes a listing Popular.
    13. You can hide the price field going Directory Settings >> Listing Settings >> Form Fields.
    14. Have you configured the Google Map and added address of the listing?




    5. Thanks, i’m not giving them access backend so they have to wait till that update. It’s no big deal for me.

    6. clearing cache didn’t work. Even with a browser I never used before I still get it.

    8. Thanks for the vid. So this feature badge is connected to the monetization. For me it would be better if the team wouldn’t get that option when adding a listing in frontend. So I can decide in back end which listings get that badge. The “new” badge isn’t showing anywhere. And all my listings are new according to the badge settings.

    13. Missed that one, sorry!

    14. I did. maps work in listings, not in plugin.



    15. Can you change the “Search Listings” widget so you can tick a option to hide the “Enter your keyword here …” Like you can hide categorie’s and locations?

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