• I am not that well versed in website building, despite using WordPress–which is supposed to make things easy. Everything’s just rocket science to me. Which is why any useful help means a great deal.

    I am already starting to give up, thinking that my purchase of a domain and hosting will all go to waste. I was looking at one theme from Everest Themes, trying so desperately to import the demo content so that my new site will at least have the template that I will just update/replace the content. At the very last resort, I tried the Live Chat support at Everestthemes.com.

    Initially, I thought no one will accommodate me as I am inquiring about an issue with a free theme. I was dang wrong.

    Here comes Kale from their Support Team, who asked me what my problem is, checked my site, and helped me address my issues with some workaround.

    One of my problems is that my upload size is very, very limited. So Kale asked me to use the Everest Backup plugin, which has a tool that lets you increase your upload size. After this, he cloned my site so that it will have the demo content, sent me the file, which I uploaded and restored using Everest Backup.

    Once done, my site now has the demo content, which will greatly help me kickstart my site as I will just focus now on the content, and not mind the web template/design.

    All these, through the generous help of Kale. Thank you very, very much. I admire how unselfish in providing help your team is at Everest Themes.

    Many thanks again!


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