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  • This plugin is the best for allowing users to upload pictures and media, given that the other option (bp-media or bp-album or something like that) ceased updates long long ago.

    I give major applause to the team who develops this plugin, as they are constantly working on updates for it, and have found ways to monetize premium addon features, so hopefully they will continue to update and improve this important piece of the buddypress puzzle.

    The main problem with this plugin is that it completely fails with many themes. Currently the amount of themes that are well suited to use with buddypress is very small, and most of the recent buddypress compatible themes are bootstrap based or similar. Rtmedia will not display images on gallery pages with most of these modern themes.

    This may change one day, but currently I am assuming that the rtmedia plugin uses some of the same naming conventions and or files that bootsrap based themes also use – and conflicts arise.

    There are a few theme options that work with rtmedia, however those are very limited.

    Sadly the choice as of today for buddypress users is to have a small theme selection and no good way for users to upload photos, or use rtmedia as the best option for uploading media, but only have a few theme options that will work with buddypress and rtmedia.

    This is an issue for buddypress in general, and not particularly rtmedia’s fault that buddypress after years of being released still lacks the basic functionality that other social media scripts have offered for years right out of the box without all the problems.

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