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    Any feedback is welcome!

    As usual, my focus was on usability, easy navigation, and simple yet elegant design.

    The Theme is custom, with some programming required to generate the template-specific sidebars.

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  • Simple, attractive, usable….

    Only quibble: the main post background is yellowish, the top graphic is pinkish. They don’t go really well together IMO.

    Nice.. thanks for sharing it! 😉


    Thanks for your comment.

    The header graphic (and everything above the books) is supposed to be tan – at least it looks tan on my display 🙂

    I’ll try something else… less red maybe…

    Thanks for the tip.

    Well, even on my other screen, and my laptop, the header is far more on the red side of tan than the post background….

    I just changed it from #D1CAC2 to #C7C4BA

    Now #D6D6B4

    here we go…

    Oh – that’s MUCH better! VERY nice!


    I think these subtle shades are always going to vary from display to display.

    What do you think about the background of the post titles?

    They’re supposed to be a light olive color.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

    That color is fine – it’s a more intense tone of the overall olive-tan….

    Yes, each display will shade the colors in its own way – but the “match” will remain the same….

    One more time…


    I decided to go with an image background for the header. Adds about 100k to the page size, but hey, everyone’s got broadband now, right?

    Like that too! Very clever…. loaded pretty fast, but then I DO have broadband…. might not be so good for dialup users.


    For some reason, I had to use:


    in the #header div for IE6 — or the highlight for the top item in the nav menu would show a gap where it buts up against the bottom of the header (works fine in IE7 and Firefox).

    Even stranger is that I have that same top nav item in wp-login.php (for returning to the Home Page) but IE6 does not require the special treatment on this page.

    IE6: the bane of web development.

    Exactly. The sooner it goes the way of IE5 for Mac, the better. Of course, I’ll be dead before then I have no doubt….

    Once I discovered Conditional Comments I just started using a separate stylesheet for IE6. That’s how I deal with it, anyway.

    IE7 seems to behave pretty well.

    Very nice layout. I like it very much. One suggestion: At this point you should get rid of the test stuff (Lorem ipsum post and test comment.)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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