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    I uninstalled this plugin previously when I was having issues with the images and header not displaying. Only the urls/ image names were showing up, but no images. At first I thought it might be a theme issue, or an optimole issue, and then I started deactivating plugins one at a time, and it turned out to be bialty.

    Forgetfulness had me try the plugin again, and it was working without issue for a few days, and then the issue popped up again.

    I have a screen shot of the issue.

    Any feedback on what might be the problem?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Thank you for contacting our support.

    About your issue, that’s very unusual. If it works after installation, there is no reason why it should not be working fe days later.

    There is maybe a conflict with another plugin … Or, did you install any other plugin meantime ?

    Anyway, could you please provide this screenshot ? Also, is it possible to enable Bialty plugin on website so that we can check what’s going on ?

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Here is a link to the screen shot.

    I may have installed other plugins, but this is not the first time that I have had this issue. Last time I had the issue, I deactivated bialty and that fixed it. I will activate it again.



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    Thank you … Looking at this right now !

    I just reactivated the plugin and the issue instantly popped up. I am going to deactivate the plugin on my site.

    Cool. Keep me posted.

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    Thank you for your patience.

    About your issue, we are not able to reproduce it locally … Meaning that for the moment, it’s currently impossible to figure out solution. This issue seems like particular to the theme you’re using (as we never heard of it before).

    We will keep this issue on our Todo list if ever we see something similar happening in the future.

    Sorry about this



    I have the same issue with Gabriel. Some product images break and do not appear. But when I deactivated Bialty plugin (premium edition) the problem was solved.

    Can you please help me with that?

    Thank you


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    Thank you for this feedback.

    Could you please send us a detail email at info@pagup.com ?

    Please specify which URL are concerned by this issue (with screenshots) … We will try to find a solution to this.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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