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  • I am trying to create a bi-weekly schedule for content, indefinitely. I was thinking of using every=”14 day” to somehow make this happen. Could you help me figure out how?


    every. Output content recursively at specified intervals. It works best if a “from” and “to” dates are set. For example, [timelord from=”2015-04-01″ to=”2016-04-01″ every=”1 day”]SOME CONTENT[/timelord] would output “SOME CONTENT” every other day until April 1st. This parameter can accept a date with relative parts like for example every=”12 hours”, every=”2 days”, every=”1 hour” etc. (See examples). NOTE: the “every” parameter cannot be combined with the other parameters that follow – it will just show or hide the content depending on the given interval.

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  • Also, could I nest weekly schedules (monday, tuesday…) into every=”1 week” and create two of these alternating schedules?

    Well, that’s a case I haven’t tested, but it might work. Just keep in mind that it’s best that you use “14 days” and not “14 day” (it should follow the rules of PHP relative formats:

    Theoretically, just a [timelord every=”14 days”]SOME CONTENT[/timelord] should work, but it would start counting at the post’s last modification date. Perhaps it would be better if you tried something like [timelord from=”2015-04-01″ to=”2026-04-01″ every=”14 days”]SOME CONTENT[/timelord] giving a past day for the “from” field and a distant future date at the “to” field.

    As for your second question, you can have multiple shortcodes at the same post, but nested shortcodes might be unpredictable and I don’t know if it would work.

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