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  • You have an error in your ‘browser detection’ script, (bh.js)

    [story mode]
    I was visiting a random site about health-related stuff.
    And it told me I’m using an ‘insecure version of Opera’.
    Why would a non-tech-geek-web-minded-fan-boy website annoy there visitors with browser promotion spam?
    Oh, it’s part of a the wp-theme.
    Thought: This might be a cool script. Where and how does it get the information on browser vulnerabilities?
    Disappointment: It hacks a version number together and has some hard-coded minimum versions.
    And the current script hasn’t been updated for 15 months now.
    [#end story mode]

    [The issue]
    Version checking fails for Opera, and always has … (testing?)
    The fix seems simple:
    Add, after prop: window.opera,identity: "Opera":
    ,versionSearch: "Version"

    Ah, I guess I found the source at, and working properly.
    (Be aware of the Safari warning, I didn’t check it.)

    [My suggestion]
    This kind of functionality is useless (my opinion). Unless you know your target public and it fits with the scope of your website.
    Even then it would only be useful if it was actually up to date.
    It takes way to much to get and keep it working properly, when done manually, and if it doesn’t, it’s just there to annoy and scare people.
    I’m not sure I’d appreciate such a ‘surprise’ feature from a theme.

    Using a browser with an older version number doesn’t mean it’s insecure.
    For example IE: Corporate it-people tell me it can be made ‘tank’ secure with MS policy systems. And MS is still supporting, both IE 6 and 7, until April 8, 2014

    My suggestion is to remove the whole feature.
    Or at least make it optional (with a warning) and give site owners the option to recommend their favorite.

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