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  1. carolinavan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    WEBSITE : http://www.vlietpark.nl

    Anyone can help me with the following

    In my child theme of responsive this is what I have done.

    Featured Content
    .front-page #wrapper : the frontpage background is as default set to transparent

    #featured : I have put a background image to the featured area for the homepage.

    Globals section
    #wrapper HAD put a yellow background color for the rest of the pages

    So far everything worked, and did what I want it to do
    - I have a background image in the featured area
    - the background of the 3 widgets on the homepage is transparant
    - and there is a background color for the pages.

    HOWEVER I dont want a background color on the pages, but a background image (in this case the same background image as i use in the featured area.)

    But as soon as I change the background color for a background image in #wrapper, it also fills up the background of the 3 widgets on the homepage, which is SUPPOSED TO BE TRANSPARANT as coded in the .front-page #wrapper

    This is how you can see the site now on http://www.vlietpark.nl

    How can it be that the background color in the #wrapper respects the transparancy of the .front-page #wrapper but a background image does NOT ? ( I also did test with other background image, same result)

    Any other "route" I can follow to get the wanted result = an image background for the pages and a transparant background for the 3 widgets on the homepage ?

    Thanks very much. Carolien

  2. carolinavan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I finally found the right combination to do it...

    #wrapper still has the backgroun image, so it is shown on all pages

    .front-page #wrapper has a transparant background color AND I added a transparant png background image that did the trick

    I changed the tranparent background color from #featured into the same background image as the #wrapper has

    If anybody has a better and more logic way to do it, let me know

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