'bf_add_dashboard' Breaks Dashboard on WP 2.8 (2 posts)

  1. builtBackwards
    Posted 6 years ago #

    When the default buffet framework theme is enabled, there are a few problems on the Dashboard, the 'Screen Options' tab does nothing when clicked and all sidemenu groups are collapsed and won't expand on click (I would guess a JS error).

    This seems to be due to the buffet-framework action bf_add_dashboard which is activated in the-buffet-framework/includes/launcher.php

    When line #17 is commented out or removed the Dashboard error ceases.

    Thought you would want to know so the issue can be resolved.

    Buffet version: 0.5.4

  2. drawerx
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Its true, The Framework screwed the dashboard and eliminating the editor's blog sections seems to be the easiest way to fix it.
    Thank you builtBackwards

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