• andrewgchoi43


    I have tried many profile/community plugin, but WP User Manager is nothing like other plugins. Here are my best three pros and con.

    1. support if beyond excellent. You feel like the support never sleeps, and you won’t get help but also a solution for your issue. I asked more than 20 questions and got almost all the solutions.

    2. The plugin is very stable and light. Honestly, It is one of the lightest but also a very stable plugin. I never experienced any issue until now.

    3. Developer friendly. You can customize in many ways, and you can tell the plugin is developed to aim for limitless customization. Plus, support will help you customize with enterprise-grade helps.

    I believe #3 is the best part of this plugin but also the worst part for some of the general users because some may not welcome too many customizations.

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