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  • I wish I could give this plugin a better review. It’s obviously received a lot of work. However, the ONE thing that really matters with a backup plugin is that it always must produce a viable backup. This plugin does not consistently accomplish that task. Some backup archives that I’ve downloaded fail to extract, with the following error: “Truncated tar archive.”

    In other words, the backup got cut off, and the plugin never noticed and just went merrily on its way, assuring me that I was safe because I had performed a backup.

    Until this plugin detects failed backups and warns about them, nobody should rely upon it.

    [On a side note, you should never rely upon any backup without verifying that it actually worked, which is what allowed me to catch this problem.]

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  • Have you checked if your downloaded backup archive matches the one from the server? Cause you might get, on some server configs, truncated backup archives if you download them by http, so try and use ftp for that. Xcloner does provide a full backup log which you can check for issues always.

    I’ve read issue here and did you try go to admin.php?page=xcloner_settings_page&tab=system_options and in “Split Backup Archive Limit (MB)” set to number your host limit?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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