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    Just a word to the wise… I can’t say much, Cause I’m afriad I might get popped with a lawsuit. But I will say this, had I not done what I did, when I did it. I would have been stuck paying for a very high hosting bill, that I couldn’t pay for.

    So….,If ANYONE from contacts you about free hosting… Just say no… trust me, just say no.


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  • I was with these and i would not recommend them at all especially if you are going to be running a VB Forum or any site to be actual.

    Was there some type of fee when you went over a certain bandwidth? Was the “free” hosting only for a certain period of time? Certainly that cannot sue you for telling the truth. I only looked at their site breifly, but the deal didn’t seem too bad. Them allowing you to have unlimited bandwidth on a shared server seemed a little odd though.

    Like I said… I can’t get into it very heavily. But just stay away. If you want good free hosting, go my blog and look for the link in the blogroll. 🙂


    theres no such thing as a free lunch.
    economics 101

    Agreed. But I am getting free hosting from this guy. He’s honest and very up front too.

    The bandwidth is fine, I’m not some big name blogger.. Working on it though… 🙂

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