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  • I am so disgusted w/ the version 2.0.1. Wrong move – PERIOD.
    I have now lost all & entire trust w/ the brand name of this company.

    I was never warned about the ramifications of this latest update.
    I was never polled, I never sent in any information about doing what they did.

    I went from having a working, honest to good plugin, whereas, the words “we put all our resources into this new update” – whereas, the older version was working 100% fine. Collosal mistake.

    I write this review today, given that I had to log in to find status reports on my site. However, I get for the 1st time of EVER using this plugin — after the uninformed update, that I have an ERROR CONNECTING. WTF!!!

    UNACCEPTABLE. PERIOD. I’m so mad, I honestly don’t know what to do. But all I want to do is totally RIP the plugin OUT OF MY SITE with my bare hands.
    But all i can do, is press delete. That will suffice.

    I’m going back to the old version. and it’s even worse where it’s difficult to even find & access the older versions.

    Disgusted beyond belief.

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  • Luke Carbis


    Hey eirlymeyer,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry that Stream 2 made you so angry. With Stream 3.0, we’ve rethought the way we’re handling the records. Everything’s local now, nothing stored in the cloud and no registration.

    It would be great if you could test it out, and let me know it’s acceptable to you. If you’re less disgusted with our plugin this time around, please consider changing your review.


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