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  • Before I begin, let me ask you something. This plugin collects undisclosed data from your contact forms and sends it over to devs. Privacy and data usage policies are nowhere to be found. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?…

    Meanwhile, I love the functionality – when it actually works. It’s a small business marketer’s wet dream. But… Sometimes it creates a new contact from your contact form submission, and sometimes it doesn’t. Oftentimes you receive a submission report, click the contact record link and get an error message.

    Oh, and one more deal breaker: it ignores an “anti-spam honeypot” functionality of Gravity Forms, so all spambots will be catalogued as contacts. Congratulations, you’ll have a gazillion of leads in a very short time!

    Conclusion: good start, but needs a lot of work.

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  • Thanks for your feedback via your review. We really do appreciate your thoughts and I’ll try to address each point here with how we’re working to make the plugin work better for you.

    We do collect usage data in the Pro version of the plugin because it helps us build a better product that is more reliable and can work across the different PHP, MySQL and WordPress version permutations that exist. We <b>never</b> collect data about your visitors and contacts. We are actually working with our lawyers on a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that lays out what kinds of data we are collecting and how we are using it. It’s admittedly slow going and we hope to have that out in the next few weeks.

    As for the blank record contacts, it looks like you uncovered a bug through a use case we didn’t anticipate. Leadin using an algorithm to merge submissions by the same contact together over different browsers. It sounds like in certain circumstances you’re receiving a form submission from a person in one session which triggers an email, and then that same person submitted a second form in a different browser, so Leadin merges the data from the first session into the second, and deletes the original contact. If you click through the email from the first submission, it’ll show up as a broken contact. It’s a good point and I’ll try to write an automatic redirect to the most up-to-date contact record soon. Thanks for reporting that bug.

    Hooking into Gravity Forms spam filters is also a good idea and I’ll look into it.

    I have to agree with you on your conclusion – that Leadin is a good start. We built the entire original version of the plugin with only two people, and there are admittedly issues and we’re missing some functionality. That’s why the plugin is free right now – because we’re still working out the kinks. We know it’s not perfect and we’re working as hard as humanly possible with our resources to improve Leadin as quickly as we can to get it to a point where it meets later-adopter’s standards. We released early and often so we made sure to actually build something that people wanted instead of trying to get it perfect from the start, which we knew we wouldn’t if we built the product in a closed box. Thanks again for the feedback – we’re working hard to address all your concerns and hopefully over time we’ll have a product that provides the type of experience you expect.

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