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[closed] Beware of the author Ruhul Amin (9 posts)

  1. esaudio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Beware of the author Ruhul Amin. He engages in horrible business practices in his paid products. I am a current customer from his website http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com and he is ignoring my emails after I have been using this membership software. I depend on this product for my business and he is completely keeping me in the dark about support, something offered for free when you buy the product. I am posting here as he completely ignores my messages and I would like to help other fellow users avoid this person who does not seem to care about people requiring support. Some excerpt of the message i got from him / his team:

    Hi Julio, I reviewed your full user profile and you have sent us lots of questions via email and forum post. I know as a matter of fact that our products are pretty stable. So there is absolutely no reason for a customer to have that many issues when setting up our plugins. This means the following is happening:

    Your project requirements doesn't align with what our plugins can do.

    When the plugin is not a good fit for you, it tends to waste a lot of your time and it will continue to cause frustration. This can lead to a very bad experience for both parties involved.

    We can't keep a customer whose project requirement doesn't align with what the plugins can do. Otherwise you will continuously have the following type of questions which is very taxing on our support team too:

    - How to do .....
    - Can you show me how to .....
    - Can tell me how to customize ….

    This is what you need to understand:

    If there are bugs in the product we will gladly fix it but we are not here to code up your solutions or tell you how you can complete your project.
    We sell a product not customization service. There is a different between buying a product and buying a service.

    NOTE> This is not specified in the sales page

    The Tips and Tricks HQ Support Team


    I have to add that their products are awesome, BUT their support gets these tantrums and they fail to deliver on their promises. They promise free support but if you ask questions, they get offended. I have to add that there was a problem with the plugin indeed, and that I managed to solve it, but now I am blocked to their support, which means if something fails I am on my own. Sad that they treat customers like this. And if they feel their support is too good to be free, well, they should charge or it. Not whine about it later. To me this is false advertising, claiming to offer support and then denying it.

    AND A REFUND IS NOT acceptable after using the script and mounting a business around it for 5 months. Just an apology and the due support woudl suffice

  2. Just for clarification, are you referring to the plugin attached to this post?


    Or are you referring to a commercial plugin that's not hosted in the WordPress repository here?

  3. esaudio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Both. But it makes it even worse when you are a paying customer and he just denies the support you require and that you paid for. I wouldn't like to depend on someone like that. Unfortunately, It is too late for me to take that advice now, and I am suffering the consequences of this.

  4. But it makes it even worse when you are a paying customer and he just denies the support you require and that you paid for.

    Could you please limit your review to the plugin in the WordPress repo here? This forum is for the review of free plugins and themes, what (limited) support they offer, and not their premium or commercial offerings.

    Generally speaking we do not support, recommend, or offer opinions about commercial products, services, or things outside of what is hosted here in the repo.

    Those conversations can get either spammy or worse become a "he said/she said" discussion and get real ugly real quick. That would not be productive and would be closed quickly with a "tl;dr take it outside" message.

    Edit: Please be aware that I've deleted your identical reply to another 8 month old topic and closed that topic. This is NOT the place to spam the forums with your complaint. You've made your point here and that will have to do.

  5. esaudio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The relevance is clear. If someone is so unreliable with a paying customer, what can you expect when he offers a free plugin? I am sure you do not want to have people adding it to their sites only to hear later they are left in the dark.

  6. @esaudio,

    I can understand your frustrations.. I have been there many times in the past. However, this is not the place to rant :) I would write a blog post or article... trust me, people will find it who experience situations similar to your own... and it will get MUCH more exposure than the review section here.

    However, the WP forums here are explicit to plugins hosted in the repo... not their premium counterparts.

    It is possible to leave a poor rating... but still be tactful in "WHY" you gave it the rating you did.

    Just my two cents... take it for what it's worth.

  7. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The relevance is clear.

    Actually it isn't. Judging by your first post, there is some confusion as to whether this plugin was even right for your needs in the first place. There is a great deal of difference between offering support for a plugin in normal use and responding to requests to make the plugin do something that it was never designed to do.

    Either way, unless your comments directly relate to the free version of the plugin hosted on wordpress.org. this is not the place to air your frustration.

  8. esaudio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Okay then, if you can be happy adding code to your site from someone who could not think twice about stabbing you in the back if he pleases, feel free to do so. I just thought my contribution would help someone choose a better option if they had to make a decision, that is all.

  9. Aaand that's enough. I'm closing this topic. If Esmi or another moderator wants to re-open this and/or add something then I'm fine with that. ;)

    You've made you point, we've tried to get you focus on what's in scope for these forums and this isn't being productive anymore.

    Just to reiterate what Esmi said:

    Either way, unless your comments directly relate to the free version of the plugin hosted on wordpress.org. this is not the place to air your frustration.

    That's really it in a concise form.

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