• We have not used this plugin for most of a year. Icegram’s automatic renewal and cancellation email failed to reach our Inbox and consequently another $97.00 was charged for a year’s subscription. On receipt of Paypal notification, I explained to Icegram that our Inbox had not received their email and that, regrettably, we were denied the opportunity to cancel. Quite unreasonably Icegram assumes that everything they email out is readable by customers/subscribers. Everybody knows that the Junk Email folder does not remain unpopulated! That’s where their email was… Sandhya M wrote “So as per our policy, we can not process you a refund”.

    So be warned. If you decide that this plugin is for you, then make a note in your dairy when the subscription renews. Even had this been an honest oversight on our part, which it wasn’t, good companies would -given their ability to check whether or not you use their plugin – give a refund.

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