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  • saitam


    Since I used it on one of my blogs, the author (camouflaged: appears as someone on, but is in fact keeps spamming me with all kind of suggestions.

    No way to turn it off, have to live with it once I started (plugin makes you think youre applying for some kind of API key, when in fact its getting your data to spam you).

    A major nuisance.


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  • 7lotusflwr


    Hope you learn how to get rid of this. And thanks for letting us know about this plugin.



    Hi, I’m afraid the answer is extremely simple.
    if you don’t like the plugin, don’t use it.
    De-activate the plugin and delete it from your server.

    Just sign up for the plugin, save it somewhere, make a back-up copy, and add the author’s email address to your junk filter. That’s what I used to do. So his unethical methods are pretty much wasted on me.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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