• Suddenly this month my mailgun email validation bill ran into thousands of dollars. And am not kidding! After a quick check with the plugin author, we figured spammers have been using the comments form where email was getting validated. And thousands of validations caused the bill as from June 27 Mailgun has been charging for validation. Am sure a lot more users using this plugin is going to face charges from mailgun. To prevent further charges please set limit for validations in your account settings to less than 100. But the issue is this plugin becomes invalid with wordpress spammers sure to use up that limit.

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  • Plugin Author Jesin A


    Hi envieme,

    This plugin doesn’t even require the private key to function. You enter the public key in WP-Admin and the plugin validates email addresses using it. Mailgun introduced a pricing model for email validation recently. So if many spammers attempt to comment on your blog you are bound to receive a large bill.

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    Thanks for the update. I have removed my previous review. But now with this pricing and spamming being an issue on wordpress blogs I cannot be using this plugin as needed unfortunately.

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