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  • Installs as a Must Use Plugin. Developer does not include php housekeeping and it leaves orphaned tables and HTML in the Database if you uninstall it. Make sure you Backup prior to installation because this does not completely uninstall. It also hijacks the User account login page and creates a bunch of pages that force you to use their subscriber management templates. I found it aggravating and a pain to uninstall, (had to roll back to a previous backup image) Im done with all of these LITE versions that leave you with the most important functionality disabled. I know we all have to make a living but COME ON at least make it hassle free to try. Probably a decent plugin but too bloated and the programmer knows he could have done a better job with UN-installation You can’t disable them:
    Even if you’re an administrator, you can’t disable or delete must-use plugins. You can, however, delete them from the mu-plugins directory (which is under wp-content, by the way). You also can’t install new plugins there—you have to upload them manually into the directory. But they still may leave orphan files in your Database

    They’re loaded before normal plugins: The plugins inside the mu-plugins directory are loaded before the plugins inside the plugins directory. Interestingly, must-use plugins are loaded in alphabetical order.

    You can’t use activation/deactivation hooks: This one is self-explanatory—since must-use plugins are auto-activated and can’t be de-activated or uninstalled, you can’t use activation or deactivation hooks for them.

    They don’t update: The plugins inside the mu-plugins directory don’t update automatically, and WordPress doesn’t notify you about new versions. This means that you have to keep them up-to-date manually.

    You have to use PHP files: WordPress doesn’t look inside the folders in the mu‑plugins directory—you must place PHP files in the directory’s root. Don’t worry, though: You can create a proxy PHP file and require the main files in plugins’ folders.

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