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    Our website hosts hundreds of hours of videos, most in FLV / MP4 format.

    Today I have updated the plug in to the latest version.
    Customers could not play the videos well any more. The frame and buttons do not appear or appear below the video and is half transparent, with contents shuffled, shifted and distorted (and washed colors).

    Switching from Firefox to Chrome does not help, the videos appear totally broken and bad.

    I read the author blames the videos format, but hey, the old reader handled them perfectly, some backwards compatibility would not hurt, expecially when upgrading there’s no warning about potential large incompatibilities.

    The same videos play perfectly with the old player, with other WP players and also downloading and playing those videos with VLC media players still renders them perfectly.

    Anyway, we have been lucky no database rollback was necessary so we reverted to the old version.

    So, if you have large video websites with FLV clips beware to thoroughly check your website videos still play after the upgrade.

    We won’t be able to upgrade anytime soon, it’s tens of gigabytes of apparently bad made videos (not till yesterday though) and we can’t demand auhtors to redo them.

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  • Plugin Author FolioVision


    Hi dfumagalli,

    HTML 5 play technology is different than flash.

    Some users did experience issues on upgrade. Those issues have now been resolved. Today’s upcoming release will resolve the last of the upgrade issues.

    Support for Foliovision plugins is on our own forum at

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    Please don’t mark as [Solved] threads about issues that are not solved.

    I just had to re-uninstall the plug in and reinstall the old version.

    Irated users could not use the player. Now it plays (at last) but it’s still “distorted” and unusable beyond basic seeing the full video and that’s it.

    Example, this simple shortcode

    [flowplayer src=”” width=640 height=375]

    produces this:


    Here’s how the now re-downgrade video player looks like now:

    View post on

    Tested this with Firefox latest version.

    Of course videos are hundreds and we can’t practically edit the shortcodes, sizes or whatever by hand.

    Finally, when the new version will look straight again, how do I restore the old big “play arrow icon” that appears superimposed to the video? The transparent-ish / white-ish one is hard to see.

    Plugin Author FolioVision


    HI dfumagalli,

    The issue is solved as you’ve been alerted to submit your requests to our support forum, if you want hands on support.

    We can hardly ask you for login information over the open forums for instance.

    It’s our plugin, we do not provide support here at If you find the time to post where we provide support we’d be happy to troubleshoot FV Flowplayer 5 personally on your site as we’ve done for all the people who have had issues so far.

    At this point without additional information and hands-on troubleshooting, there’s nothing we else we can do for you.

    Thanks for using FV Plugins!

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    I apologize for having been a bit stern on my posts, I was really hit by the upgrade and that made for some difficult hours.

    You promptly reply to your own plug in WP support forum which I have to say is something most don’t do and leave their users in the mud.

    Therefore I’ll gladly accept your invitation to your foliovision forum and submit whatever is needed.

    Best regards,

    An addition

    I do think it’s legitimate to suggest you that upgrades should be smooth. I am not talking about bugs but about the features. I just read that the updated version lacks of some functionality and we are meant to reinvent the wheel and fiddle with CSS and whatever just to get back to what we had for years.

    Now, I am a strong proponent of “ready to use, simple to install” stuff that may be deployed and upgraded even by non tech savy people.

    I have a massive CSS blurb to manage already and it loves to glitch when some new modules are installed.
    I could have used a smoother upgrade path that won’t risk to break every new version that comes out.

    Or, as a “workaround”, an officially supported “Classic Skin” that looks like the old version. A skin that we can download and put somewhere standard and that will “just work”.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author FolioVision


    Hi Dfumagalli,

    We look forward to helping you with your site hands on at !

    The default player look which we just added last night is very resilient and neutral. It’s very easy to get back to your custom skin after install (single drop down to choose to inherit existing CSS properties).

    Thanks for using FV Plugins!

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