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  • giving only 3 stars because they did not enhance my site by FORCE FEEDING their widgets, replacing mine. i HATE when a programing company tried to do that creating more issues. you try to figure out how to change old and they make it hard. I might have jumped to soon on this judgement, however i have seen a couple of others do this lately and had to actually install wordpress and loose what i had this week over it prior when normal wig’s were blocked and i could not take some off the site after the plugin.
    Anyway, for what its worth… I personally do not mind enhancements, but not when they replace. I am sure their might be a way to fix if i took the time to play around with it more i guess, but not spending anymore time on this. spent too much trying to find simple one that did not replace. And I did.
    Sill, otherwise looked good. Was just my experience with it.
    ** Nothing wrong with saying, I do not like when plugin changes or replaces current widget vs “options” to add them to it AFTER it is installed, just like i would current ones I want. took me long time to figure out what happened to mine, trying to take old ones off page. like i said, was late, but was my experience with it.
    i put another one and had no issue at all. I am sure yours in pretty good for those who get it faster or take time to work with it.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by thecooleasy.
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  • Hi.
    I’m on the volunteer team that translates WordPress to Swedish and provides support in Swedish over at
    I’m not related to the theme you’re commenting on here. I’ve never even tried that theme myself. I just figure I should try to explain how WordPress deals with Widgets.

    Whenever you change theme, you need to configure the new theme: select various options, such as background color, header image, etc. One of the settings you need to deal with is what widgets go where.

    Until a couple of years ago, this was all very obvious, because whenever you changed to another theme, all widget areas were by default empty and you had to drag your various previously used widgets to whichever widget area you wanted to use in the new theme.
    Then WordPress core in an update added some smart functions that try to guess a bit. In many cases it works fine. If you had a widget in an area called “Main panel”, then they might automatically be included in “Main area” of another theme.
    So: Exactly where your widgets go when you change theme can be hard to tell in advance. That would mostly depend on the names used for widget areas in your previously used themes.

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    i realize this hon, along with fact that i not tried in awhile to do a site. However, i have not had them prior to change like i have last few days. They use to add such and you still had many of the main ones. This week i have had a night mare with some of these new themes, where they totally almost highjack the wig’s. ONE even blocked them so that you could ONLY fix it if you BOUGHT their program. i am sorry, this new way is not right. it can really screw up a site, specially if you change theme, content there, OR A PLUG IN, and then can not even take it off. I have side bar full of things, i could not even delete from an editing program plugin. I mean really.. lol
    I use to could change over something and (unless its made to do it) would not take off things like THE SEARCH or things you had on it already. This way of replacing vs enhancing those new features is not a good thing. creates issues. Boy, things have really changed i guess. thanks for your words and consideration in my thoughts and in figuring out what happened though. I am sure my frustrations got the best of me. God’s speed everyone! 🙂 its still all good.

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